About Us

Herd Pack was started by Matthew Gibson and his partners with the goal of developing a strong further processing outlet for animal by-products producers in the region. Matt grew up in family cattle and agribusiness and grew interested in protein byproducts during his graduate degree studies. Since its start as a small packer hide collector, Herd Pack has grown to a full-service hide processor with exports around the world. 

Herd Pack and its affiliate AgRenew service meat processors from small locker plants to big packer commercial kiII plants with hide and offal service. Hide Processing- Hides and skins are collected and brought back to our facility in Corydon, IN. Once the hides arrive, they are unloaded, salted, and preserved with a brine mixture. The hides are the placed into a fleshing machine that properly strips the hides of fat and muscle tissue. Once fleshed, every hide and skin is carefully inspected, graded, and separated into proper categories, or selections. Hides are then palletized and stored for exportation.