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About Herd Pack

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Robust processing for animal by-products in Southern Indiana.

Founded by Matthew Gibson and his partners, Herd Pack emerged with the mission of establishing a robust further processing outlet for animal by-products producers in the region. Matthew’s upbringing in a family deeply rooted in cattle and agribusiness fueled his interest in protein byproducts, which flourished during his graduate degree studies. From its humble beginnings as a small packer hide collector, Herd Pack has evolved into a full-service hide processor, boasting global exports.

Herd Pack, along with its affiliate AgRenew, serves meat processors ranging from small locker plants to large commercial kill plants, offering comprehensive hide and offal services. In our hide processing operations, hides and skins are collected and transported to our facility in Corydon, IN, where they undergo meticulous preservation processes. Upon arrival, hides are unloaded, salted, and treated with a brine mixture before being subjected to fleshing machines that effectively remove fat and muscle tissue. Every hide and skin undergoes thorough inspection, grading, and categorization before being palletized and stored for exportation.

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