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We are your full service cattle hide and skins processor.

Herd Pack, LLC specializes in offering premium cattle hides and sow skins to both domestic and international clientele. With a robust export operation, we dispatch hundreds of containers annually to various destinations, including Mexico, China, Cambodia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and many others.

Distinguished by our commitment to excellence, Herd Pack takes great pride in delivering top-quality North American hides to the global tanning industry. Our diverse selection encompasses native steers, branded steers, dairy cows, native and branded cows, small packers, 3 small packers, and sow skins, ensuring we cater to a wide range of customer preferences.

At Herd Pack, customer satisfaction is paramount. Our management team, having traversed the globe, actively engages with tanneries to understand and fulfill the evolving needs of our clients.

We extend an invitation to all interested parties to for our weekly offer list and reach out to us regarding our selections. To receive updates and be added to our distribution list, please contact our team below to join:

Inedible By-Products

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We have a close working relationship with our suppliers.

Our prompt and reliable service is the core of our business.

AgRenew is located in Edmonton Kentucky and is managed by experienced industry professionals with more than 40 years of agricultural business experience. With Herd Pack and AgRenew together, we are able to be a full-service provider to our suppliers and know the importance of prompt and reliable service. As a medium sized locally managed render we work closely with our suppliers who know they can reach us promptly by mobile phone with any concerns.

AgRenew picks up inedible by products that are not meant for human consumption. Americans consider roughly 50% of animals inedible which is sometimes referred to as the other half. This mean the approximately 50% of the materials that enter the states slaughter facilities needs and economical method of disposal or recycling. By-Products companies such as AgRenew can recycle the other half into valuable commodities such an animal and pet food, biofuels, as well as in personal care items such as soaps, cosmetics, and deodorants.

Herd Pack, LLC and AgRenew, LLC offers professional inedible by-product collection services to slaughterhouses and butcher shops.

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